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Founded in 1996, Choral Project has earned an international reputation for bridging the gap between text and music, singer and spectator. Their concerts have garnered standing ovations and rave reviews.

The choir’s mission is to transform and heal the world through music and words and to connect people through choral theater, education, and musical excellence. For more information, click the Madison Choral Project to proceed.

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An expert singer reaches beyond the notes and rhythms. She reaches for the music’s heart and the composer’s mind. She reaches for the essence of human experience, for the Truth of a life long forgotten or barely glimpsed. She knows how to create a mood, an environment, an emotion, and a moment of time. She understands that a performance is not merely an event but a living, breathing expression of the artist herself.

Singing is not just a musical art form, and it’s also a physical and emotional art form. It requires an understanding of how the body works as it is pushed to its limits by the voice and a willingness to overcome fear, frustration, poor learning habits, preconceived notions and other obstacles that can get in the way of singing well and singing with joy.

When a person sings, the body becomes a resonator for an invisible energy that those in the audience can feel. This energy is both negative and positive, much like the tension that can be found between a rock and a hard place, or between love and hate.

The singer learns how to integrate these energies and use them creatively in her discipline. She finds a way to open the centre of her being, the centre where Truth abides in fulness, and to allow the splendour imprisoned therein to escape through the music that she sings.

Choral Project students experience a near-professional environment in their study at UGA. Unlike many professional choirs that run on a weekly model, using the same roster for their entire season, Choral Project operates on a project-based model, bringing in a new group of singers each semester. This allows for intensive rehearsals over a short period of time, and it provides the opportunity for high-level performances in cities across the country.

The Choral Project is a non-profit organization that is actively involved in community outreach, including a choral mentorship program for local high school students and an annual Choral Composition Contest open to high school and undergraduate college students. Click here to learn more about the Rachel Moore Composition Contest, named in honor of the founder and namesake of The Choral Project.

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Formed in 1996, The Choral Project has earned a worldwide reputation for performing high-level choral literature and bridging the gap between singer and listener. The ensemble has appeared in concert performances and choral competitions to great acclaim, including at Washington, D.C.’s National Cathedral, San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Basilica, Santa Cruz’s Holy Cross Church and in venues in England, Scotland, Wales and Mexico. They have also appeared on Mexican National Radio and won multiple awards in the Mixed Choir division of the Llangollen International Eisteddfod in Wales.

The Choral Project is a non-profit organisation and has an extensive outreach program for young people, including a choral mentorship programme for local high school students. It is also a sponsor of the Rachel Moore Composition Contest, a contest designed to encourage the creation of original choral compositions by young people and to connect performers and composers.

Director and founder Daniel Hughes is a frequent guest conductor, clinician and adjudicator. He has led sessions in Vocal Pedagogy and Conducting Technique for the American Choral Directors Association and the California Music Educators’ Association, and regularly judges both collegiate and professional choruses at the annual California Golden State Choral Competitions.

The Choral Project is a Bay Area treasure, renowned for bridging the gap between music and words, singers and spectators, and art and beauty. The group was founded in 1996 and has toured nationally and internationally to great acclaim. Its repertoire stretches from Bach, Debussy and Brahms to works by contemporary composers like Kirke Mechem and Rene Clausen.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, The Choral Project is also involved in community outreach. It offers a choral mentorship program for high school students, collaborates with other local choirs in joint performances and runs an annual Choral Composition Contest for high school and undergraduate college students.

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It is easy to listen to a work of musical art on one’s phone or computer, but it is entirely another matter to collaborate with others in real time to recreate it in concert. Through that pursuit of artistic beauty, humans are changed for the better. The tough guy with a tear in his eye as he ponders Byron set to music; the painfully shy young woman who finds her voice through an evocative solo – these are the moments when the magic of the musical arts is most apparent.

In the world of choral music, The Choral Project (TCP) is known for its commitment to innovative and dramatic presentations in concert as well as its advocacy for choral art through the premieres of new works. It is also a significant force in education, with a special focus on improving the quality of teachers through integrated learning.

Choral Project’s mission is “to transform and heal the world through music and words and to connect to one another through choral theater, education and musical excellence.” It is led by Artistic Director Daniel Hughes and is an American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)-affiliated chorus. ACDA is the national professional organization for choral directors in public and private K-12 schools, community choruses, colleges and universities and houses of worship.

Choral Project is a unique learning environment for students and teachers alike. Students who participate in the program receive a wide range of musical and life skills that they can take back to their classrooms to share with their students. This kind of interaction improves the quality of choir teaching and, in turn, expands the number of young people able to enjoy the beauty of music-making.

In addition to their acclaimed concert performances, Choral Project is also dedicated to community outreach activities. Its educational programs, based in the Baltimore area, include a choral mentorship program for local high school students and an annual Choral Composition Contest for high school and undergraduate composers.

The choral artists in the group are in constant demand as conductors, accompanists, coaches, and choral clinicians around the world. The organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, with a strong commitment to supporting other arts organizations in their communities through grants and donations. In addition, it hosts a variety of workshops and networking opportunities for its members and other choral directors throughout the region.

Founded in 1996 by Artistic Director Daniel Hughes, Choral Project has garnered an international reputation for its performances and recording sessions at Skywalker Sound. The group has released eight albums including The Cycle of Life, Of Christmastide, Americana, Water & Light (the choir’s #1 best seller on the Clarion label), Winter, One Is The All, Tell the World, and most recently Yuletide.

The ensemble has performed to standing-room-only audiences in more than 30 cities across the United States and abroad, most notably at the 58th International Eisteddfodd of San Luis Obispo, California, where they placed first in all three categories. Choral Project is also committed to promoting choral art through premieres of new works.

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